Your life is all upto you. 

Isn’t it all upto you?
Isn’t your life all upto you?

If not you then none will make you,
If not you then none can break you

Isn’t making up or breaking up upto you?
Isn’t the way you want to live upto you?

The way you want to look,
The way you don’t like to look

The dress you wear, the fear you bear,
The words your hear, the person who is near

The food you eat, the people you meet,
The mood you fit, the people you want to meet

Moving to new places, seeing new faces,
Staying in same place in many phases

Getting hair cut you desire,
Getting hair like a person you admire

Listening to same old sound track,
Whistling name of new sound track

Calling your  8 hrs job a dream job,
Or calling friends talking hrs on dream job

Isn’t everything upto you?
Isn’t your life exactly upto you?


I’m Stronger than the acid he threw at me! (Poem)

There came a stranger, walking towards me,
With a drink in his hand, starring at me

He approached me and asked me out,
I said, “no” with no doubt

Then, he just threw liquid at me,
Liquid he had held in his hand, he just threw it at my face and ran away from me

Why would a stranger do that?
Did I unknowingly hurt his ego? I dont know that

Oh god! my face! What’s happening to me?
Why is this silly liquid penetrating so deep inside flesh in me?

Oh god! It has set fire deep till my bones,
Somebody please help me, I can’t handle this on my own!

I was burning in fire nobody could see,
Screaming, begging for help to kill me and set me free!

Why would any human ever do that to another?
It was acid he threw at me cried my father and mother

May be because I committed crime saying no
May be because I was beautiful and I needed life lesson for being beautiful
May be beacause he wanted to satisfy his 5mins of anger by watching me suffer for rest of my life
Say because he knew he could never get me

Am I not a human?
I don’t think I was considered as a human

Because, I wasn’t treated like one,
Because, several surgeries made me numb one by one

Now, somehow I’m showcasing a smile on my scarful face proving I’m strong,
To inspire many other victims out there to be strong

What’s the change done?
Where’s the difference made?

There’s difference in number of acid victims. Well, they’ve increased.
And difference in acid attackers, now more acid they secreat.

My story is been published,
My incident has just added up to the existing list

I’m different now, I look not a bit like I used to,
6 years, since my eyes, my face, my body were destroyed, yet its hard to get used to

Some people call me beautiful sometimes,
Don’t call me that, I’m a survivor and I’m surving, remember that and remind me that everytime

Don’t dare to say you feel me,
You don’t and I pray you ever won’t feel me

Don’t stare at me or my scars with tears in your eyes,
I’m stronger than the acid which gave me scars, see it in my eyes

That incident made me reborn!

I’ve reborn, with new dream, new vision, new hope, new purpose, new belief and lastly new face

This new me isn’t afraid of any acid now!
This me isn’t afraid of any more physical and mental pain, I’m much much stronger now!

I want you back!

I shouldn’t have let you go
May be I took that moment for granted

I should have held you for lil longer
I have no courage accepting you’re no longer around

I shouldn’t have believed your words,
“I’ll be back soon, some beautiful afternoon”

Or say, I regret hanging up your call,
I didn’t speak up all and after all talks said good bye

Somebody tell me is there anyway going back?
Back to where we had begun, so I wouldn’t ever let you go

I wanted to love you more, kiss you more
Tell you that I missed you more and I loved you more

I shouldn’t have let you go
Why did I trust distance between us?

I want to see your face’s details
I want to stare your eyes, my prayers fails
(I prayed for them to open)

And your voice can make my dead heart to beat
Is it never gonna happen that you repeat my name?!

Bond like this! #poem

We spent years together in row,
Showing love, care, help each other grow

Like universe was the proof,
To rest and settle we were each other’s roof

My heart ached, she cried
Her soul hurt, lil I died

I needed her like wound needs to heal,
She wanted me like dead soul wants to feel

I saw her in my every tomorrow,
She made me her present, it killed everyday’s sorrow

We were afarid of our beautiful things to end,
When people said everything has an end

Somehow we knew, our things will last
But even the soul leaves the body at last!

Do you care? #poem

Watching a drowning person, when you stood on land,
He’s gone into the sand, needed your hand and you put em in pant?!

Hearing a loud cry on the other side of the road,
You closed your eyes, said, there’s no other side of the road?!

A breaking heart you could’ve saved but, you saw it apart heard it break,
Pretend you have no ears, you did not hear it break

Oh, you a broke already? For ’em it seems easy to break you again,
He’s kicked and is badged “loser” he’s consumed by pain

A woman weeped, “dont touch my untouched skin”.
Now its her body’s that’s touched, you couldn’t touch her soul, its pure, its pristine, its undamaged and its virgin

When, no broke, no raped woman, no dying man, no tears you helped!
You’ve got nerve to say you care, you’re hurt, really alot of nerve.

I’ll love you! #poem  

If I’ll be struggling to love myself, to know myself
And if you’re in need of love, I’ll give you love of this whole world

If my tears go dry, and if I only cry inside,
I’ll gather pieces of your lost laugh, make you happy inside

Even if I’m breaking and knocked down, when still on ground,
I can catch you if you fall, hold you till you stand tall, you’ll always find me around

When the winds are scartching my fresh healed wound,
And if you’re cold in the breeze, I’ll cover you in my arms forever

If I ever go loss of words, out of my mind
I’ll be verbal to describe how beautiful you are. You’re mine.

poem postaday

‘Broke’ and his friend ‘Nobody’ #poem

My body’s aching and I have somebody,
Whom everybody calls ‘Nobody‘.
So,’Nobody‘ helps my body’s ache.

My eyes are tired, Its been wide open
that makes it worse,
Society would make it more worse.
But, I’m a man I can’t say my eyes hurt!

My back would have been better if, I had
Somebody’s back,
Oh! I forgot, I got ‘Nobody‘ my friend
I got ‘Nobody‘s back.
I got ‘Nobody‘ my friend, I got ‘Nobody‘s back.

My fingers are tired to hold on,
Its grip is weakening I can’t hold on.
I’m a man I shouldn’t be saying this,
I’m scared being called weak.

My knees no more can bare my body,
My body’s part doesn’t help my body.
Whom do I expect help from? Oh ‘Nobody‘s my buddy.

My feet doesn’t feel the ground,
‘What goes around comes around’?,
But I never did put in such pain to anybody lord!

My body is tired, and there’s no nobody,
Nobody said there’s somebody for everybody.
Nobody could save my dying body? .

My mind is broke, I have no money,
I’ve been working hard, it made my hands bloody.
I’ve been working since, I was born and lil , & its been very long that now I’m spent.

My wife says its been 2 days her children haven’t ate,
She said they would die if I be more late.
I don’t lie lord, I’m dead already, I’m eaten.

There’s ‘Nobody‘ my friend who cares
there’s home for me, for me I call it lone,
Nobody‘ my friend, ‘Nobody‘ wants me at home.
So, I step in lone daily, lone gives me shelter merrily.

Sometimes I forget paths of these empty streets,
“I’ll accompany you” said the vacant street,
So street empty like me, with streetlight
reminds me, I’m not alone who’s empty or broke.

My children shall see a great life,         
Bad has happened to my wife lord I have happened in her life.                                  
My good deeds shall pay, someday            
I may die today, let my children live the next day.

I’m an old man, who’s desires burnt
good shall happen to my kids lord!,
Whom do I complain about my fatigue lord!
Whom do I tell I’m exhausted when I took a responsibilty and now I’m afraid people would name my ability, I’m scared to get blamed for bad future of my kids lord! 

Good shall happen to my kids lord!

Good shall happen to my kids lord!