Let it go. #poem

​”Are you still into him, the same way?” 

“No, I am over him.” ofcourse I am over him” I answered.

Well its yes, yes I’m still into him but that’s okay to me,

But, I know it would always be ‘yes’, is what terrifies me.
Yes, I never moved on, may be I can never will .

This time the most deepest pain I feel.
He never gave me the love he said he would serve me,

I knew this, and people keep saying me, “you deserve better than him”
I dont care what do I deserve, 

Its for him, my heart is always preserved.
“Dont worry you’ll be over him.”

May be, I’ll be over with me, By that time.
It’s million years pain I carry in my heart,

wished rain would drain my pain, in pity they said,  “a poor aparted heart.”
I feel empty, I feel the pain down my spine,

My body’ gets weaker, breath shivers, I’m no fine
I lost my sleeps, my body’ weeps,

I cant eat, my heart’s tired to beat
He gave me so much pain I cant sustain with

He took all my beautiful things away with him
I’m working on letting all the pain leave me in the same way he left me,

In relation with pain, it’s strong, like pain doesn’t care if he’s wrong, so i bear, and it ain’t leaving me for long.
Well, I lie myself saying I’m alright by now

His name still gives chills, but I’ll be over him somehow.

#poem #writing #recover


23 thoughts on “Let it go. #poem

  1. Move on. We do not design our identity by the absence or presence of any particular person in our lives. I’m 67. Believe me. I now dismiss and chuckle over what was so gut wrenching at the time. Let the promise of new possibilities take root. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

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  2. Thanks for blog visits. People may not like “move on” advice from others who can’t possibly know the pain. Age has a way of seasoning us and we look for different things. Sometimes another disaster and sometimes great and say “Sheeesh. What did I ever see in that last one?”. People come into our lives and go out of them. Now not advocating disposable relationships but sometimes even being alone has it benefits. Twice divorced and at my age romance is not in the picture but I take certain fulfillment in children and grandchildren. Being unattached enabled me to indulge in all kinds of experiences. Then also I was free to have my parents move in with me 2002. Mother passed 2012 but father still with me and will be 93 on the 29th. I was 52 then and missed so much but I am content.

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  3. One day you will wake up as if from a bad dream and wonder why a person had such a hold on you. Focus on things that have given you joy and comfort all your life. Focus on what makes you happy rather than this thing that causes you so much pain. Someone told me once, “If he was meant for you he would not cause so much pain.” There is so much happiness waiting for you down the road. When you do let go of that which causes you pain, you can walk toward that happiness.

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    1. This is the best thing about blogging, meeting people like you, who are so kind and take their time out to read and put some pleasing words which drops lot of care. Thank you so much for your words and concern to help me. But, I’m not stuck anywhere I write stuff getting in other people’s shoe. I see my friends stuck over some person so that inspired my poem and not my personal experience. Thank you so very much! This comment is very beautiful though!

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