Now I’m heartless! Poem.

Just a moment after I was fixed
Just a moment after I said, “every broken thing can be fixed”

Another heart knocked at my door
I risked another heart break at in my door

I believed this knock is worth to let in
So, I opened up my door let the hearts win

It promised me, it’ll always stay indoor
It promised me, I won’t regret it’s indoor

It embraced me for years and years,
It made me love it without any fears

“Sorry, I cannot stay indoor. No more!”
And “I need to go, you’ll be okay on your own” it said.

It asked me, it knocked before coming in
But, it didn’t ask me before leaving, it just left me locked there in

All I carried in me was that heart which left
Now that, it broke my door and left. Im empty
There’s no heart left

Then resided two hearts in me, now I’m heartless
“Every fixed thing can be broken” I said.

#poem #love #heart #writing #broken


17 thoughts on “Now I’m heartless! Poem.

      1. Have you thought about spinning off a second blog with a different phase or aspect of your writings? If you called it “Miss Spellings,” (or a similar name) then you could could have much fun with your visitors, playing posts on one blog off against the posts on the other… …just a thought!

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  1. Thank you! You are a jolly person, a happy soul who pours happiness. Your blog speaks that for you! Lovely blog! Your blog says, you are so creative, you travel write, you do great photography and beautiful DIYS and live fullest!
    I have never ever written for local newspaper!


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