Beautifully damaged.

“Trust me open up, show me your broken sides” he said.
I was afraid he would leave me seeing my damage side

“Its okay let it open I’ll handle you.”
I showed him and asked “Seeing my damage oh, did it scare you?”

“Your damage didnt scare me, but with this damage how did you manage to care me?! That scares me”

My care, my love which I give you
And body’s warmth you take in my arms

The shine in my eyes you call beautiful
And the smile on my face which you love

My soft voice which never trembles
And my touch which leaves marks deep in your skin

My warm breath which fastens your breath when you pull me very close
And my lips which your lips carves to love

All the things in me you which you call beautiful,
Reflects from the damage which makes me beautiful.

Im harmed, I’m hurt, I’m damaged
Im beautifully damage, I’m beautiful.


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