‘Broke’ and his friend ‘Nobody’ #poem

My body’s aching and I have somebody,
Whom everybody calls ‘Nobody‘.
So,’Nobody‘ helps my body’s ache.

My eyes are tired, Its been wide open
that makes it worse,
Society would make it more worse.
But, I’m a man I can’t say my eyes hurt!

My back would have been better if, I had
Somebody’s back,
Oh! I forgot, I got ‘Nobody‘ my friend
I got ‘Nobody‘s back.
I got ‘Nobody‘ my friend, I got ‘Nobody‘s back.

My fingers are tired to hold on,
Its grip is weakening I can’t hold on.
I’m a man I shouldn’t be saying this,
I’m scared being called weak.

My knees no more can bare my body,
My body’s part doesn’t help my body.
Whom do I expect help from? Oh ‘Nobody‘s my buddy.

My feet doesn’t feel the ground,
‘What goes around comes around’?,
But I never did put in such pain to anybody lord!

My body is tired, and there’s no nobody,
Nobody said there’s somebody for everybody.
Nobody could save my dying body? .

My mind is broke, I have no money,
I’ve been working hard, it made my hands bloody.
I’ve been working since, I was born and lil , & its been very long that now I’m spent.

My wife says its been 2 days her children haven’t ate,
She said they would die if I be more late.
I don’t lie lord, I’m dead already, I’m eaten.

There’s ‘Nobody‘ my friend who cares
there’s home for me, for me I call it lone,
Nobody‘ my friend, ‘Nobody‘ wants me at home.
So, I step in lone daily, lone gives me shelter merrily.

Sometimes I forget paths of these empty streets,
“I’ll accompany you” said the vacant street,
So street empty like me, with streetlight
reminds me, I’m not alone who’s empty or broke.

My children shall see a great life,         
Bad has happened to my wife lord I have happened in her life.                                  
My good deeds shall pay, someday            
I may die today, let my children live the next day.

I’m an old man, who’s desires burnt
good shall happen to my kids lord!,
Whom do I complain about my fatigue lord!
Whom do I tell I’m exhausted when I took a responsibilty and now I’m afraid people would name my ability, I’m scared to get blamed for bad future of my kids lord! 

Good shall happen to my kids lord!

Good shall happen to my kids lord!



11 thoughts on “‘Broke’ and his friend ‘Nobody’ #poem

      1. My Pleasure. I tried your poem with a riff based in Born on the Bayou by Creedance Ckearwater Revival and it fitted ok. If I could play the guitar well and sing properly it could sound pretty good.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Martin, this made me blush! I’m so pleased that you tried my poem with music. No one has ever done that before! Its a great feeling. I wish to listen it if you don’t mind. I’d be so happy to listen it. Thank you! This is the best thing! Thank you very much 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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