I’ll love you! #poem  

If I’ll be struggling to love myself, to know myself
And if you’re in need of love, I’ll give you love of this whole world

If my tears go dry, and if I only cry inside,
I’ll gather pieces of your lost laugh, make you happy inside

Even if I’m breaking and knocked down, when still on ground,
I can catch you if you fall, hold you till you stand tall, you’ll always find me around

When the winds are scartching my fresh healed wound,
And if you’re cold in the breeze, I’ll cover you in my arms forever

If I ever go loss of words, out of my mind
I’ll be verbal to describe how beautiful you are. You’re mine.

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20 thoughts on “I’ll love you! #poem  

  1. Your poem is very lovely. It appears that the central theme is in a Romantic Relationship you forsake self for your romantic interest.
    It reminded me so much of a piece I heard when a young man and I suspected that you might enjoy (here it is below…);

    By Charles D. Meigs (written sometime between 1890 and 1902)

    Lord help me live from day to day
    In such a self-forgetful way
    That even when I kneel to pray
    My prayer shall be for – Others.

    Help me in all the work I do
    To ever be sincere and true
    And know that all I do for you
    Must needs be done for – Others.

    Let “Self” be crucified and slain
    And buried deep; and all in vain
    May efforts be to rise again
    Unless to live for – Others.

    And when my work on earth is done
    And my new work in heaven’s begun
    May I forget the crown I’ve won
    While thinking still of – Others.

    Others, Lord, yes others
    Let this my motto be
    Help me to live for others
    That I may live like Thee.

    Thank you, and until next we meet.

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