I want you back!

I shouldn’t have let you go
May be I took that moment for granted

I should have held you for lil longer
I have no courage accepting you’re no longer around

I shouldn’t have believed your words,
“I’ll be back soon, some beautiful afternoon”

Or say, I regret hanging up your call,
I didn’t speak up all and after all talks said good bye

Somebody tell me is there anyway going back?
Back to where we had begun, so I wouldn’t ever let you go

I wanted to love you more, kiss you more
Tell you that I missed you more and I loved you more

I shouldn’t have let you go
Why did I trust distance between us?

I want to see your face’s details
I want to stare your eyes, my prayers fails
(I prayed for them to open)

And your voice can make my dead heart to beat
Is it never gonna happen that you repeat my name?!


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