Your life is all upto you. 

Even if you don’t want to be forgotten,
You’ll be forgotten

Everything is passing by,
Everything will be passing by

Something seem far when near by,
Many times I ask who is near by

The words you said,
And The words they said

Somethings you hold near by,
Somethings will come near by

Holding on or letting go,
In the moment or in the flow

Stuck in sad thought standing in train,
Or, stuck in beautiful thought in heavy rain

Making of happy times ahead,
Or crying over sad times and hold yourself from moving ahead

Isn’t it all upto you?
Isn’t your life all upto you?

If not you then none will make you,
If not you then none can break you

Isn’t making up or breaking up upto you?
Isn’t the way you want to live upto you?

The way you want to look,
The way you don’t like to look

The dress you wear, the fear you bear,
The words your hear, the person who is near

The food you eat, the people you meet,
The mood you fit, the people you want to meet

Moving to new places, seeing new faces,
Staying in same place in many phases

Getting hair cut you desire,
Getting hair like a person you admire

Listening to same old sound track,
Whistling name of new sound track

Calling your 8hrs job a dream job,
Or calling friends talking hrs on dream job

Isn’t everything upto you?
Isn’t your life exactly upto you?


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