Somebody I love. #poem.

You are not somebody who forgets lil things
But somebody who makes me remind lil things

You are the dawn, and you know when to be bright
drown in your love, when did I become twilight

You are not somebody whom people can afford to pass time
Everytime we talk, something somehow heals me baby did you become my lifeline?

You are the moon of my life, I love your every sides
not somebody with some beautiful sides, I love your all unseen sides.

You speak and I want to catch everyword and use it to fix me
You are not somebody who speaks for sake you, baby you no fake.

You are not somebody who cannot find love,
But somebody who made me fall in love.(love resites in you. I have fallen, I am into you)


Beautifully damaged.

“Trust me open up, show me your broken sides” he said.
I was afraid he would leave me seeing my damage side

“Its okay let it open I’ll handle you.”
I showed him and asked “Seeing my damage oh, did it scare you?”

“Your damage didnt scare me, but with this damage how did you manage to care me?! That scares me”

My care, my love which I give you
And body’s warmth you take in my arms

The shine in my eyes you call beautiful
And the smile on my face which you love

My soft voice which never trembles
And my touch which leaves marks deep in your skin

My warm breath which fastens your breath when you pull me very close
And my lips which your lips carves to love

All the things in me you which you call beautiful,
Reflects from the damage which makes me beautiful.

Im harmed, I’m hurt, I’m damaged
Im beautifully damage, I’m beautiful.

Now I’m heartless! Poem.

Just a moment after I was fixed
Just a moment after I said, “every broken thing can be fixed”

Another heart knocked at my door
I risked another heart break at in my door

I believed this knock is worth to let in
So, I opened up my door let the hearts win

It promised me, it’ll always stay indoor
It promised me, I won’t regret it’s indoor

It embraced me for years and years,
It made me love it without any fears

“Sorry, I cannot stay indoor. No more!”
And “I need to go, you’ll be okay on your own” it said.

It asked me, it knocked before coming in
But, it didn’t ask me before leaving, it just left me locked there in

All I carried in me was that heart which left
Now that, it broke my door and left. Im empty
There’s no heart left

Then resided two hearts in me, now I’m heartless
“Every fixed thing can be broken” I said.

#poem #love #heart #writing #broken

Let it go. #poem

‚Äč”Are you still into him, the same way?” 

“No, I am over him.” ofcourse I am over him” I answered.

Well its yes, yes I’m still into him but that’s okay to me,

But, I know it would always be ‘yes’, is what terrifies me.
Yes, I never moved on, may be I can never will .

This time the most deepest pain I feel.
He never gave me the love he said he would serve me,

I knew this, and people keep saying me, “you deserve better than him”
I dont care what do I deserve, 

Its for him, my heart is always preserved.
“Dont worry you’ll be over him.”

May be, I’ll be over with me, By that time.
It’s million years pain I carry in my heart,

wished rain would drain my pain, in pity they said,  “a poor aparted heart.”
I feel empty, I feel the pain down my spine,

My body’ gets weaker, breath shivers, I’m no fine
I lost my sleeps, my body’ weeps,

I cant eat, my heart’s tired to beat
He gave me so much pain I cant sustain with

He took all my beautiful things away with him
I’m working on letting all the pain leave me in the same way he left me,

In relation with pain, it’s strong, like pain doesn’t care if he’s wrong, so i bear, and it ain’t leaving me for long.
Well, I lie myself saying I’m alright by now

His name still gives chills, but I’ll be over him somehow.

#poem #writing #recover