Tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine!

Ergo, sharing my story?  well, I’ll write a book on it, twisting it beautifully giving it title then paste the title here!

 I write stuff people say its poem and am not any poet but I want to express all the feelings in me, feelings in my friends, people who tell me their stories, some broke, some lost, I want to feel them all though I haven’t personally experienced all the situations but I’ll keep myself in your place if you tell me your story and then I’ll help you expressing it. Making my story as our story, as in my story other people’s feelings contributes which I’ll give words to. Universe helps you when you want to feel what others feel! feel the pain of broke, the pain in woman who lost her child, a man who is afarid or whatever, stories are behind every face! stories are everywhere! feelings are in everybody as long as the heart beats. No matter how much a person says he is dead and feel no feeling. let’s write and make them feel by helping them expressing! 🙂 put feelings on paper 🙂